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Family History

BYU Print & Mail specializes in printing high-quality Family History books that you'll both cherish and be proud to present to your family and friends. We'll print, bind, and ship your books wherever you need. You can even include multimedia collections on CD or DVD.

To get started, please contact one of our consultants. They will answer any of your questions regarding formatting, layout, scanning photographs, and will happily assist you in the printing process.

To learn more from our family history specialists, be sure to sign up for our Family History Workshop!

  • Layout Samples

    Sometimes it may be difficult to visualize the look and feel of what your Family History document will look like. Here are some examples that may spark an idea or two.

    Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3 | Example 4 | Example 5

  • Binding Options

    Hard Cover Binding will provide your document with a beautiful classic finish. Pictures can be printed on the front and back covers. You can also choose a full wrap-around cover. Gold and silver foil stamping is available for front covers and spine. Hard Cover bindings are available in the following colors:

    • Blue Malaga
    • Brown Malaga
    • Green Malaga
    • Maroon Malaga
    • Red Malaga

    Perfect Binding is what most people would call the binding on a paper-back book. Your document is wrapped in a single sheet of cardstock to which you may add images, text, or any design you submit. Perfect binding works best on books that are no thicker than an inch or roughly 500 pages or less.

    Coil Binding is an inexpensive yet very durable way to bind your Family History document. Coil bound documents come with a clear or colored vinyl cover.

  • CDs and DVDs

    Your Family History can also be transferred to a DVD or CD. You can add sound recordings, video, or other multimedia onto the disc. These CDs and DVDs can be included in a pouch in the back of your printed document.

  • Pricing

    Pricing is determined by a few factors, including the style of binding, the number of black and white and color pages, book size, and the quantity of books.

  • Submitting Files

    Important: The deadline for submitting Family History books to have in time for Christmas is October 15th. Submissions after October 15th are not guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

    Files need to be submitted in PDF format. If you are using Microsoft Office 2007 or later, just click "Save As PDF" under the File menu. There are many free PDF converters available over the Internet; simply Google "free PDF converter" and choose which program you would like.

    Please use our QuickStart service to upload and submit your files. If you have questions or further instructions, contact a consultant. They will help you with anything you need.

  • Contact Info

    If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (801) 422-2741.

    You can view our General Contact Information here.

  • Guide to Printing Your Family History

    Here is a guide to aid you in the process of having your Family History documents printed. Guide to Printing Your Family History