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CDs & DVDs

Did you know that we can create CDs and DVDs from your files? We can burn CDs at a rate of 60 discs/hour and DVDs at 20/hour. You can even set up a library of titles and produce them "on demand" for your customers.

  • Disc Formats

    Supported CD formats include:

    • Master: Data (ISO-9660)

    • Master: Audio (AIFF format)

    • Image: Any

    • MP3 Format

    • WAV Files

    • DVD MP4 Format

  • Packaging (CD/DVD Cases)

    Available cases and packaging:

    • Jewel Case Std (optional inserts & inlay card)

    • Slimline Case clear color (optional inserts)

    • Clamshell case clear color (no inserts)

    • Clear plastic sleeves (optional inserts)

    • Amaray cases

    We also offer black or color thermal printing right on the disc

  • CD/DVD Label Graphics Instructions

    Using any desktop publishing program, ensure that your image conforms to the following:

    • Set page size to either 4.723in x 4.723in (120mm x 120mm) or 1417 pixels x 1417 pixels.

    • Set Resolution to 300 dpi (dots per inch).

    • Set Color mode to RGB-8bit.

    • Save file as Windows (bmp) format, or Photoshop (psd) either from PC or Mac computers.

    • Make sure your file does not contain rings or guides. Include bleeds inside and outside printing area.

    To download a template, please select one of the following:

    • Adobe Photoshop template (Mac/PC) Download »

    • Windows (bmp). Download »

    • Both white and silver CDs and DVDs now have printable hubs.

  • For additional information, pricing, or scheduling, please call 422-4981 or contact a consultant.