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press services

Press Services at BYU Print & Mail is designed to help you produce professional, engaging materials for your audience. We are here to help you accomplish your large-scale printing goals—from textbooks to mailers and everything in-between.

  • BYU Print and Mail has been offering great printing service to the campus community since 1933. We are here as your printing partner and are excited to serve you in all your printing needs. BYU Print and Mail is a nationally recognized, full service printing facility and offers great quality and award-winning printing.

  • Offset printing, on our large and small presses, is best used for large scale printing runs on jobs such as textbooks, larger quantities of brochures, or whenever the quantities will be greater than 1000.

  • Digital printing is recommended for variable data jobs, brochures, booklets, and posters that are 12 x 18. Digital printing is ideal for short runs of quantities less than 1000, and turnaround time is usually quicker when printing digitally.

  • Our bindery offers a wide variety of binding, stitching and folding options to ensure a clean, professional finished product.

  • Our Customer Consultants will help you in setting up your jobs and getting them ready to print.

  • You can request an estimate by clicking on the link and filling out the information there. A consultant will contact you shortly and help you start your order.